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Our Giant Footprint

I've finally become aware of why I'm so obsessed with the amount of possessions I have.  In a book by Peter Walsh (It's All Too Much) he asks one to look at meaning of all the clutter.  What I realized is that reducing the amount represents  accepting the end of my life.   I am acutely aware that  when I die all my  worldly good will be  discarded.  Accepting that, I better  start accumulating less and discarding  these things myself rather than leave it to my heirs to  dump.

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This is What 100 Looks Like

I went to the 100th birthday of a friend, Edna Zelan.  I was a delight to see such an alert, erect, ambulatory and with it woman of such an advanced age.  The party was attended by about 100 people from all the areas she touched in her long life. There were local politicians, a school board member, community members and friends and family. She was an active member of CLASP, a day care facility where she not only sat on the board but also volunteered in the classroom helping with the children. She was also an active volunteer in North Shore Hospital providing comfort to patients. 
Edna received commendations from state and local officials including Governor Spitzer,  Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer. 
I look forward to her next birthday, 101.

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Con Edison Idles (and polutes)- Big Time

Con Edison has been on our street for 12 hours yesterday and started today again at 8 AM.  All that time their two truck have been idling. Yesterday I asked them why. The response was that they needed to keep the flashing light on the roof on and that they had a computer in the car that needed the engine.  Today the light is not on.  I suspect that they may need power at some times for say the pneumatic drill they use.  But not all the time. Breaking up pavement is a small part of the job.  Much digging and installation of valves is done by hand.
There are many Con Ed trucks throughout the area and I suspect all of them leave their engines running full time.
I have called DEP (Dept. of Environmental Protection) to follow up on this. Let you know what the outcome is.

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Hear on BBC radio via NPR this morning

A brief item reported today on BBC radio calls for global action.  They reported that a company in Scotland will be sending fresh fish to Indonesia for processing because this is profitable than doing this in Scotland.  They do not consider the cost to the environment of sending airplanes back and forth and spewing hugh amounts of polutants into the environment.
This should be prohibited from happening. We can do this. Boycott the products this company sells.  We just have to find out who they are and make this public.

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Global Warming - We Can't Wait for Bureacrats to Take Action

The New York Times published the following today.

To the Editor;

We canít wait for government or industry to finance searches for alternative energy sources. We have to take it upon ourselves as citizens of the earth to act now to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Why canít we drive less, walk more, put out unneeded lights, lower thermostats, and so on, as well as reduce consumption, and reuse and recycle goods?

All it takes is a conscious effort by each of us to begin to slow global warming. Think about it. We can begin to do it now. We donít have to wait.

Eve Winer
Flushing, Queens, Oct. 30, 2006

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Trouble in Zurich

Iím in trouble and about to be given a criminal record by the Stadtpolizei of Zurich. As I do every summer, I rented a car from Hertz at Zurich Airport. The first clue that there was a problem this year was when I received a notice for Hertz AG that they were charging me 32.30 CHF administration fee for providing the police in Zurich with my name and address. This letter was dated 8/28/06. On 9/11/06 I received a notice of Traffic Offense from the Zurich police. Apparently I was driving 3 km/h over the speed limit. They list the street on which the Offense took place. I was in heavy traffic heading to the airport to return the car. I never saw a speed limit posted. I was going with the flow of traffic and I was not in a hurry. They want me to pay 40.CHF. Since I am unable to appear in court to fight this, nor am I inclined to, Iíd like to pay the fine. However that is not all they want. In bold type this notice says ďPlease see overleaf.Ē On the back side of the notice they want the personal details of the driver responsible (me). That includes my maiden name, address and date of birth. Does this information go into an international data base? Will I forever have a criminal record? Will I be stopped at passport control? Will I be let back into Switzerland again? I have been making this trip for over 22 years and never had a problem. All this for 3 km/h (less that 2 miles) over the speed limit.

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Update on Idling Buses

I have been actively trying to get enforcement of the NYS regulation that prohibits buses from idling at depots and layovers. I have spoken with bus drivers and dispatchers whenever I see a violation of this ordinance. I have also written to various agencies,MTA, Department of Transportation and Mayor Bloomberg's office.

Lately I have seen fewer idling buses. Most of them within my area have shut their engines and when I approach the driver of a bus with its engine on he/she just simply shuts the engine without argument.

The most encouraging sign, literally, was on 39th Avenue in downtown Flushing where many buses terminate and originate. It said that a $2000 fine will be imposed on a driver who idles a bus.

Activism does pay.

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On Aging

As I proceed through the aging process I tend to worry and obsess about my future well being.  I watch my friends lose mobility and function and find it quite distressing. However I have become aware of how to help oneself (somewhat) through this phase of life.  Mobility begets mobility.  And mental activity begets mental stability and alertness, by and large. While one still has one's faculties he/she must continue to use them actively.  Undertake a rigerous physical activity program and maintain it. And keep mentally active.  As long as you can. 

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We Can't Give Up

In my extreme disappointment over the losses in November I and some of the people I know have sort of given up.  I have reduced my reading of editorials that I don't agree with,  and on the other hand have avoid listening to programs that  wholly agree with me, such as Air America Radio.  I have felt that there is an utter futility in continuing to fight for what I strongly believe in but feel cannot be won.
Leon asked me what I would do if we lost the election as I was heading  to PA on Nov. 2nd last year.  My response was "this is it".  There is nothing else that I (or anyone else) could do.
Well here we are, and have lost, and continue to lose so much every day.  The inclination has been to walk away and try to be uninvolved to avoid the pain.
However, I heard a writer on the Brian Lehrer Show this morning that gave me serious pause.  Brian Anderson has written a book called "South Park Conservatives". He himself is a staunch conservative and made the point that liberal radio (Air America Radio" has lost most of its listeners (supporters).  Well they have lost me.  So I realized that we cannot abandon our public voice.  And I promptly switched my radio to 1190 AM and resumed my support of that station.  I urge all other kindred spirits to do the same.  Let's keep the voice we have by participating in the democracy being promoted on our behalf.
Go back to Air America Radio now.

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On Being 50

I have to pay homage to my son David who is turning 50 today. I find him to have become a thoughtful, caring and creative person. I think about what it was like to become 50 myself. And at that age I had just achieved an incredible milestone. I had gotten my Ph.D. and became a licensed psychologist. I believe that David is having the same kind of experience in his life at this time. So 50 seems to be just a brief stopping point in a surge of a rise in creativity and accomplishments as an outcome of previous intellectual and emotional work. Happy Birthday David.

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On the Water

I am reading a wonderful book entitled On The Water by Nathaniel Stone. It describes the untimate experience of existentialism. Existentialists believe in sheer freedom and accept the consequences and ramifications of their actions wholly. Stone is reporting and reflecting on a trip he made in a rowboat from NYC, around to the Gulf of Mexico and then back up the Atlantic coast to his home in Maine. It took over a year and during that entire time he lived out of his small rowboat. He was living wholly in the here and now and says "I wish to be nowhere else in time and place" as he moves through the journey. Stone writes about rowing backwards ". . . The backward-facing position of rowing reflects the experience of passing moments, but I know now that it defines the trip by reminding me how much of life I've spent looking ahead. And so I row and watch as my present becomes my past" (p.103). This book is one to ponder, savor and reflect upon. Can one let go of the attachments and encumberances of the past and future to be fully present in the present?

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Vote (Live) or Die

While driving back from Philadelphia on Election Day I saw billboards that said "Vote or Die" bought by a Rock star.  I now seem to be faced with an apparently similar dilemna, Live or Die. But this is nonsense.  The true phrase is Live and Die. 

As I await the results of diagnostic tests I had last week I continually consider what the verdict will be.  But I already know the answer. I will die.  The only questions are when and how.  So how does one live with the knowledge that one will die. Most of us do not live with this. We just deny or at best ignore the inevitable.  But as my friend, MS always points out it is possible to live with and accept one's demise. And to live well with this knowledge.  In fact knowing this is the best reason for living well.  Life is a finite experience and we best make the best of it.

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When Love Does Not Seem To Be Enough

I hate it when someone tries to tell me what to do about my health. I get angry and tell him or her to leave me alone. I may even listen but usually ignore the advice.  So I understand how it feel to have someone get involved where he or she is not welcome.
The person doing this uses the rationale that it is for the advisee's own good, health, wellbeing, etc.  But actually it is because we are taking the situation personally.  We fear being without this individual, losing them.

So now that  I understand that voicing these concerns, that are none of my business, does not help the situation I have come to the following conclusions:

1. One should not give advice unless specifically asked for and then sparingly.
2. Accept the situation, learn to live with it.
3. Be accepting in general and in all circumstances.
4. Avoid being critical.  This is not your situation.  Don't burden yourself with it.
5. Focus on the positive.

Love is Enough!

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Me and My Hybrid - 2

I could not have said it better myself. Oliver Sacks, a hero of mine for many reasons, has added another reason for me to admire him.   I too have a hybrid (prius by Toyota). I've had it for 3 years and continue to love everything about it. 
I am now going to actively petition our city and state officials to have them give special privileges in HOV lanes and exemption from tolls entering NYC to hybrid cars.  Both California and London have set a precident  in these areas.

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Err on the Side of Life - Really!

I hear a lot about the hypocrisy of George Bush in contradicting himself. In 1999 he approved a law allowing a patient's surrogate (like Ms. Schiavo's husband) the right to make end-of-life decisions. However the popular press has not  noted the hypocrisy regarding the many executions of prisoners in Texas.  Some of these were undoubtedly innocent considering the corrupt and inept judicial system in that state.

And how about the deaths of 1500 + US soldiers in Iraq as well as the countless innocent citizens of that country?

Why does George Bush not err on the side of life in both Texas and Iraq?

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