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Trouble in Zurich

I’m in trouble and about to be given a criminal record by the Stadtpolizei of Zurich. As I do every summer, I rented a car from Hertz at Zurich Airport. The first clue that there was a problem this year was when I received a notice for Hertz AG that they were charging me 32.30 CHF administration fee for providing the police in Zurich with my name and address. This letter was dated 8/28/06. On 9/11/06 I received a notice of Traffic Offense from the Zurich police. Apparently I was driving 3 km/h over the speed limit. They list the street on which the Offense took place. I was in heavy traffic heading to the airport to return the car. I never saw a speed limit posted. I was going with the flow of traffic and I was not in a hurry. They want me to pay 40.CHF. Since I am unable to appear in court to fight this, nor am I inclined to, I’d like to pay the fine. However that is not all they want. In bold type this notice says “Please see overleaf.” On the back side of the notice they want the personal details of the driver responsible (me). That includes my maiden name, address and date of birth. Does this information go into an international data base? Will I forever have a criminal record? Will I be stopped at passport control? Will I be let back into Switzerland again? I have been making this trip for over 22 years and never had a problem. All this for 3 km/h (less that 2 miles) over the speed limit.

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