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Con Edison Idles (and polutes)- Big Time

Con Edison has been on our street for 12 hours yesterday and started today again at 8 AM.  All that time their two truck have been idling. Yesterday I asked them why. The response was that they needed to keep the flashing light on the roof on and that they had a computer in the car that needed the engine.  Today the light is not on.  I suspect that they may need power at some times for say the pneumatic drill they use.  But not all the time. Breaking up pavement is a small part of the job.  Much digging and installation of valves is done by hand.
There are many Con Ed trucks throughout the area and I suspect all of them leave their engines running full time.
I have called DEP (Dept. of Environmental Protection) to follow up on this. Let you know what the outcome is.

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