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When Love Does Not Seem To Be Enough

I hate it when someone tries to tell me what to do about my health. I get angry and tell him or her to leave me alone. I may even listen but usually ignore the advice.  So I understand how it feel to have someone get involved where he or she is not welcome.
The person doing this uses the rationale that it is for the advisee's own good, health, wellbeing, etc.  But actually it is because we are taking the situation personally.  We fear being without this individual, losing them.

So now that  I understand that voicing these concerns, that are none of my business, does not help the situation I have come to the following conclusions:

1. One should not give advice unless specifically asked for and then sparingly.
2. Accept the situation, learn to live with it.
3. Be accepting in general and in all circumstances.
4. Avoid being critical.  This is not your situation.  Don't burden yourself with it.
5. Focus on the positive.

Love is Enough!

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