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Vote (Live) or Die

While driving back from Philadelphia on Election Day I saw billboards that said "Vote or Die" bought by a Rock star.  I now seem to be faced with an apparently similar dilemna, Live or Die. But this is nonsense.  The true phrase is Live and Die. 

As I await the results of diagnostic tests I had last week I continually consider what the verdict will be.  But I already know the answer. I will die.  The only questions are when and how.  So how does one live with the knowledge that one will die. Most of us do not live with this. We just deny or at best ignore the inevitable.  But as my friend, MS always points out it is possible to live with and accept one's demise. And to live well with this knowledge.  In fact knowing this is the best reason for living well.  Life is a finite experience and we best make the best of it.

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