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Mexican Vacation

I just returned from a week in Ixtapan de la Sal, a resort south west of Mexico City.  Our hotel is a spa with numerous services such as massages, facials, hair and nail treatments etc.  There are many activities including Yoga, walks, exercise classes, golf, tennis, etc. They offer a controlled menu in a spa dining room enabling one to lose weight.  And best of all  there were many interesting people there who provide wonderful company and discussion.

I have included Mexican pictures for you. Just click on this link.  When you get to this site select the appropriate pix to open and enlarge as you wish.

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Why Yoga

I'm a yoga devotee and take as many classes as I can.  During a recent trip to a spa in Mexico I took at least one class a day and some days two when they were being offered.  At the end of one of the sessions a man was asking several of us "Why Yoga?" What are the benefits of the activity? So that has lead me to ponder this question.

For me specifically it is to maintain flexibility as I age.  To prevent stiffening up.  Yoga is challenging but one is never tired at the end of a session because of the relaxation that closes each class.  I actually feel refreshed and renewed.

Other benefits include a freeing of the mind from all its chatter. One needs to concentrate on what to do and how to proceed.  It can be a very spiritual experience. Many classes include chanting and deep breathing exercises. And in general there is a great feeling of well being both physically and mentally after having taken a good Yoga class.

Places in NY that I go include yoga zone and Integral Yoga Institute

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