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Jamaica No Problem???

On September 18th, 2003 my brother Kenneth Kiesler died unexpectedly in Jamaica, WI. At that time my son Peter and I spent a whole week on the island arranging for his funeral, reporting to the police, contacting the medical examinar, getting an autopsy and numerous other necessary activities surrounding the death of an American citizen in Jamaica. He was a resident, not a tourist. On February 8, 2005 (1 1/2 yrs later) we finally got a death certificate from the authorities and are now beginning the probate process of his will. It took that long and countless phone calls from the USk, visits to the Registrar by Ken's dear friend on the island, to get the DC.

Now we have just returned from Jamaica to get the probate going. Selling property he owed there will be another huge hurdle. We do not expect to be finished with settling the affairs of this estate for quite a years.

Lesson learned: Americans should not buy property in foreign country unless they and their heirs are very familiar with how to dispose of it.

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