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We Can't Give Up

In my extreme disappointment over the losses in November I and some of the people I know have sort of given up.  I have reduced my reading of editorials that I don't agree with,  and on the other hand have avoid listening to programs that  wholly agree with me, such as Air America Radio.  I have felt that there is an utter futility in continuing to fight for what I strongly believe in but feel cannot be won.
Leon asked me what I would do if we lost the election as I was heading  to PA on Nov. 2nd last year.  My response was "this is it".  There is nothing else that I (or anyone else) could do.
Well here we are, and have lost, and continue to lose so much every day.  The inclination has been to walk away and try to be uninvolved to avoid the pain.
However, I heard a writer on the Brian Lehrer Show this morning that gave me serious pause.  Brian Anderson has written a book called "South Park Conservatives". He himself is a staunch conservative and made the point that liberal radio (Air America Radio" has lost most of its listeners (supporters).  Well they have lost me.  So I realized that we cannot abandon our public voice.  And I promptly switched my radio to 1190 AM and resumed my support of that station.  I urge all other kindred spirits to do the same.  Let's keep the voice we have by participating in the democracy being promoted on our behalf.
Go back to Air America Radio now.

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